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Cloud storage solutions: The days of transferring the data from your system to a pen drive, floppy disk, hard drive, or whatever other means available are long gone. We wouldn’t be surprised if a kid today can recognize the floppy disk as a 3D printed save button. One upping is the fact that Google Docs are becoming increasingly common as compared to the Ms Word docs and so maybe tomorrow, even the Save button would be met with a “what is this”.

The reason we mentioned Google Docs and their increasing commonality in specific is the reason that they come linked to the Google Drive- a cloud solution that doesn’t eat up space on your system or phone, is available all the time, has almost unlimited storage and saves things automatically.

Given all these utilities, it is obvious that we are seeing such a shift in the users going for cloud solutions. In this blog, we will talk about the 5 best cloud storage solutions that a growing company can look at.

5 best cloud storage solutions for your growing company

What measures do you use to determine the best fit for you? You might choose based on the amount of free storage space available. That is straightforward, yet it only tells half of the storey. The true worth of a cloud storage service is determined by how well it serves you or your company. As you can see, some operating systems & business concepts perform significantly better with some cloud servers than others.  If you’re looking for adequate cloud storage, the following list has you covered. However, before handing over your hard-earned cash, most of the options below provide a free plan to try out their cloud storage solutions.

iDrive | Cloud storage solutions

It is a storage and cloud backup solution that comes at the very best price. Because it includes network drives, iDrive is undoubtedly the most significant cloud storage option. As a result, it can be operable from mobile phones to servers. In addition, files can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, or email using iDrive. You can also restore backup files from up to 30 prior different versions.

iDrive Express, for example, is one of the service’s distinct features. It allows you to back up several gigabytes of data to a temporary storage device provided by iDrive. Then, when you’re finished, return the drive. Data transfers do not consume any bandwidth. And your information is protected by 256-bit AES encryption, the same encryption used by the greatest VPN services – and the military.

iDrive is lightning quick, thanks to a proprietary way of data transport. “iDrive transfers only the modified portions of your files after a full initial transfer, by transferring only modified blocks of the file, which reduces bandwidth utilisation and ensures speedy transfers,” according to their website.

Dropbox | Cloud storage solutions

It claims to have over 300,000 teams using its Dropbox for Business cloud-hosting solutions. Expedia, Under Armour, Spotify, and the National Geographic Channel are just a few of Dropbox’s well-known clients. Dropbox provides file sharing with users who don’t have a Dropbox account, in addition to the cross-platform sharing, storage, sync, backup, and seamless integration features. Users can use the basic plan for free, including 2GB of storage and Microsoft 365 integration, allowing them to edit files directly through Dropbox. It also keeps detailed records of user actions, sharing, and controls. Priority is given to business users who receive dedicated support.

Even said, Dropbox stands out for its simplicity, and that it can be used on practically any platform, you can think of. Dropbox should be your first preference if you value speed, simplicity and ease. I don’t think I have to tell you that. Likely, you’ve previously used it.

Microsoft OneDrive | Cloud storage solutions

It is a user-friendly cloud storage service that is already included with the majority of Windows devices. As a result, it’s ideal for any PC user. OneDrive is simply another folder in the File Explorer for a Windows user.  Any user can access it from the web, a desktop programme for Mac and older versions of Windows, and OneDrive apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Xbox.

The key selling point of Microsoft OneDrive is how well it integrates with Microsoft Office apps and works hand-in-hand with Windows. You may now communicate in real-time with your collaborators on documents and spreadsheets using Office 365.

OneDrive’s vault is a fantastic tool. It not only protects you with identity verification, but it also lets you keep your most sensitive files without fear of malicious actors accessing them. With a mobile device or PC, you’ll be able to access those files from anywhere. They provide a business-oriented portfolio of products and services, such as increased team communication capabilities (grant expiring access, create shareable links, etc.). Their collaborative Microsoft Word editing is a fantastic standout feature. You & your team can collaborate on the same Word document without having to share the same file back and forth, similar to Google Docs.

SpiderOak | Cloud storage solutions

It is a cloud-based collaboration tool, online backup, and file hosting service that allows users to view, synchronise, and share data via a cloud-based server.

The encryption process takes place before syncing, according to SpiderOak, so the service has no idea what you’re storing with them. Therefore, your data is entirely private because you only know what is encrypted and saved. However, because the client’s source code isn’t available, you’ll have to trust Spider Oak’s word. The UI is plain and simple, with a handy drag-and-drop feature that allows you to quickly and efficiently arrange files.

It not only offers high-level data security and privacy as a core feature, but it also offers cloud storage, online backup, and sharing services in a ‘zero-know’ privacy environment (at least the company claims so). Your data is encrypted end-to-end and concealed from everyone without your permission, including SpiderOak, under such circumstances. Furthermore, all stored data can only be viewed by you.

Broad management capabilities and a focus on security are two of Box’s strengths. The Ul is designed to make you feel at ease immediately away and user-friendly. The user dashboard allows admins to keep track of all users, track activity, and manage sharing options, allowing them to control access to settings, files, and folders. Secure file sharing, enterprise-level security, file sync, cross-platform support, IT and admin controls, reporting, and specialised technical support are just a few of the features that Box for Business has to offer. 

The Box Sync client, which is accessible for Mac & Windows and the Android client, allows users to access their files on Google Docs and Office 365.

The importance of cloud services for a growing company

While you might think that cloud services are only for large companies or organizations, this is not the case. Startups or small businesses should use cloud services to save money and boost productivity. Plus, your data is also secured, which is a key factor to consider for small businesses as they are prone to the risk of being ruined by a catastrophic data loss. Some of the benefits of using cloud services for your small business include-

  • Rather than buying servers and hardware forthright given projections of specialized necessities – which requires cash and expertise – you can get to a platform of devices that are given straightforwardly on the cloud. This choice offers a monthly working cost rather than huge forthright capital investment, so it can assist you with keeping your costs more sensible and predictable. Moreover, you will just pay for what you want. Most cloud suppliers permit you to pick a help plan that obliges your special business needs, and you can build your abilities and features not too far off as your business develops.
  • Cloud availability benefits are developing dramatically for organizations, all things considered. We can function(and play) anyplace in the present networking climate. You can work effectively from anyplace you want to. The new pandemic that overturned our lives likewise restricted the majority of the world in their homes and saw a rush of organizations moving online, and groups to work from home. Cloud  storage made all that feasible in an effective way. Cloud storage likewise empowers mobility for remote workers and organizations, yet for different areas of society like the government, education sector, and also religious institutions. Working on different devices is likewise more consistent with cloud storage.
  • With access to information from any smartphone, tablet, PC, or work area, there’s no requirement for representatives to be at the workplace face to face. This kills the requirement for driving, so you can save time, cut expenses (either for the labourer or the manager who pays their movement expenses), and lessen pollution from travelling. Utilizing the cloud likewise means that if and when the organization employs new staff, there will be no compelling reason to buy extra PCs. All things considered, another interesting login would be set up for each new worker. Also, having quick, simple access to all that they need will assist them with taking care of business faster and have a more joyful outlook on getting it done.
  • Your business may be small right now, yet ideally, it will develop! What’s more, if you are thinking about expanding, it’s a lot quicker and savvier to do as such utilizing the cloud. For example, any new staff will require login credentials to be added to the organization. Your cloud service provider might charge an expense for adding new clients; however, this will be little contrasted with the cost of setting them up with another PC.
  • Just 6% of organizations are able to survive for more than two years after a significant data breach. To that end information in the cloud is so valuable. It protects against server crashes, employee blunders, natural events and more your significant information against misfortune. Data storage will be in the cloud for the future, and you can make it part of your business. Accomplishing secure file sharing for business is basic. Yet, unfortunately, 21% of organization records are in danger of data breach. Around 41% of organizations have more than 1,000 sensitive documents that are unprotected, similar to health records and credit card numbers. Furthermore, 43% of cyberattacks are targeted towards growing businesses. The recurrence of these attacks are additionally expanding. Cloud data storage can draw you nearer to turning out to be more invulnerable to cyberattacks. You want to involve a few layers of security for your credentials and information, so you can have confidence that the main endorsed people have access to files in the cloud.

Some Factors to consider when choosing a cloud storage solution

  • The cloud service provider should offer a patent and solid online storage solution.
  • It should offer file-versioning solutions. 
  • The uploading time of files should be faster, easier and more accessible.
  • Strong security features like two-factor authentication, encryption, etc.
  • Understand the compatibility, pricing plans and customer support. 
  • If you have an unstable internet connection, you should still be able to use the cloud storage solution.


The finest cloud storage services make backing up, storing, organising, and sharing your information simple. Cloud storage offers substantial advantages over on-site storage and physical servers for both commercial and personal use. On the other hand, small firms will almost certainly have to pay for a service that meets their demands. While there are many reputable solutions, you should research before entrusting your business data to anyone.


How to choose the best cloud storage solutions for business?
When choosing cloud storage, there are a couple of things that you should consider carefully, such as deciding on the features that you want for your business perspective.

For e.g.- In terms of security, end-to-end encryption secures all files and communications to prevent anybody from snooping on them.