IT infra consulting agencies

As businesses rely more on computer software and integrated computer systems, having a digital infrastructure in place is very important. IT infra consulting agencies can help you build a long-term infrastructure solution to make your organisation more efficient and create a suitable platform for future computer systems. Thus, an infrastructure consultant is important in building and maintaining this support system. In this article, we will answer, ‘What does an infrastructure consultant do?’ and look into the skills of an infrastructure consultant.   

What is an Infrastructure Consultant?

Infrastructure consultants are usually third-party individuals from IT infra consulting agencies who support a company in the building, setup and operating of a computer system. An infrastructure consultant makes sure that clients have the right platforms in place to achieve long-term business goals. During their consulting, they may help create strategic policies for long-term success, improve the operation of internal computer systems, and develop internal policies for the effective running of computer systems.

IT infra consulting agencies

What Does an Infrastructure Consultant Do?

An infrastructure consultant may have several responsibilities because the creation and maintenance of computer system infrastructure is such a broad field. These depend on their specialisation brief and the business for which they work. An infrastructure consultant’s primary responsibilities include:

1. Identifying business needs

The first responsibility is to understand the needs of a business. A consultant will determine the best solution depending on the size of a business, the industry, and its long-term objectives. IT infra consulting agencies may sit with the stakeholders and discuss their infrastructural needs and the strategies they’re looking to adopt in the future. This ensures that the solution the consultant provides fits the scope of the business.    

IT infra consulting agencies

2. Analyzing existing infrastructure

Once a consultant understands a company’s needs, they evaluate the existing infrastructure and how it fits into the overall business strategy. During this process, they ensure a certain level of system integrity and explore any infrastructure upgrades that may be applicable. This gives IT infra consulting agencies an understanding of the framework they’re working with and how business policies and their own strategy may impact the overall project.   

3. Designing and Developing Infrastructure Solutions

An infrastructure consultant’s role mainly revolves around researching, designing and implementing the infrastructure to support computer systems. This includes determining the software and hardware requirements of the business, as well as the equipment that may help them achieve their business goals. By establishing this information early, IT infra consulting agencies can create the environment to optimise business output while planning for potential upgrades in the future. Depending on the business, the consultant may work alongside a computer systems engineer to install this equipment, software, and other applications.

4. Responding to Client Requests

During the project, a client may find that they have different needs that may affect the infrastructure. This requires the consultant to be flexible, particularly in adapting to proposed changes and re-evaluating long-term strategies. Throughout the project, IT infra consulting agencies may also prepare pricing forecasts, risk analysis and future projects as the business needs evolve. If the project faces any difficulty, the infrastructure consultant must have the problem-solving skills to provide reliable solutions to the client.

5. Troubleshooting Infrastructure Issues

A fundamental duty throughout the project is overseeing any issues that may arise while integrating the computer systems or wider infrastructure. Due to the complexity of computer infrastructure, challenges often occur during implementation. It’s important that IT infra consulting agencies maintain the integrity of the framework they’ve built and the unique elements within it. As part of this role, an IT infrastructure consultant may also communicate the overall status of the project to senior management or key stakeholders, conveying complex topics to professionals with little IT experience.

What are some of the technical responsibilities of an infrastructure consultant?

Most of the work an infrastructure consultant performs requires technical skills. Some of the key technical responsibilities of an infrastructure consultant include:

  • Defining opportunities and environments for faster integration of computer software
  • Creating backup and recovery policies in the event of system issues
  • Developing regular automated scripting to determine infrastructure quality and configuration
  • Maintaining servers, including NT and Linux servers
  • Working with key stakeholders to assess and integrate SharePoint solutions
  • Setting up Internet Leased Line connection to ensure your organisation never runs out of internet connection
  • Setting up managed or unmanaged switches according to the company’s needs

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