IT Infrastructure services by Nurture IT

IT Infrastructure services by Nurture IT

Nurture IT Infrastructure Services are a set of tried-and-true business-friendly infrastructure services and solutions that add unique value to your organization by improving operational efficiencies, increasing productivity and performance, shortening time-to-market, and lowering costs.

Nurture IT allows you to focus on your core business rather than dealing with day-to-day technology operations and management issues.

Our services help organizations design, build, operate, and manage a scalable, flexible, and dependable IT infrastructure. We help our customers reduce infrastructure costs and allow them to focus on strategic initiatives and business transformation through our services.

We achieve consistent service delivery that meets customer expectations by utilizing established processes and effective technology deployment.

How Do IT infrastructure services help?

We offer services in Bangalore to various small and medium-sized industries, including manufacturing, telecom, banking, insurance, retail, pharmaceutical, etc.

We have a large pool of infrastructure specialists who can help you create, run, and manage next-generation IT infrastructure.

In addition, our IT infrastructure services can also help you:

  • Gain complete control of the technology stack, from hardware and software to business applications.
  • Adopt emerging technologies more effectively.
  • Reduce operational IT pressures while increasing operational effectiveness
  • Reduce the risks that come with operating and managing IT infrastructure.
  • Increase business efficiency by leveraging cloud capabilities.               
IT infrastructure services

Our Portfolio of IT infrastructure Services in Bangalore

At Nurture IT, we offer a wide range of managed IT infrastructure services that combine flexibility, dependability, and responsiveness to provide tremendous value and efficiency to your organization. Among our services are:

Laptops & Desktops from IT infrastructure services

  • We work with all major brands, including HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Microsoft, and Apple.
  • We study the applications and software used, user profiles, organizational policies and roadmaps and then recommend a suitable brand/category and model while keeping budgets in mind.
IT infrastructure services

Email Service from IT infrastructure services

  • Secure mails hosted on cloud/premises.
  • Optional archival of incoming and outgoing emails (including ex-employees)
  • Space-based pricing (rather than user based with fixed user space)
  • Telephonic & remote support / Internal Chat Service
IT infrastructure services

Basic Softwares | IT infrastructure services

  • We provide an office application (MS Office) and anti-virus software to get started on your laptop.
  • We respect intellectual property rights and do not sell counterfeit or pirated copies of software.
  • We recommend the most relevant licenses based on the size of the organization and its IT policies.

Printers from IT infrastructure services

  • We deal with leading brands – HP / EPSON / CANON.
  • Based on the current and projected print load, we recommend the best models in Deskjet / Ink Tank or Laserjet printer / print-scan-copy.
IT infrastructure services

UPS from IT infrastructure services

  • We are associated withmost of the recognized UPS brands.
  • Our products include offline / online / rack-mountable / Smart-UPS systems.

Network Connectivity | IT infrastructure services

  • We are associated with mid-range to high-end brands like Netgear/Aruba/Cisco.
  • We take a scientific approach to design considering the current team size (with active devices).
  • Before suggesting a suitable brand & model, we take into account the road map for team size and additional devices, business vertical, and data traffic.

Basic Firewall from IT infrastructure services

  • We install a Linux-based firewall to moderate user internet access.
  • We provide periodic and automated backups of user data.
  • We can set up a VPN tunnel for remote users.

Communication (Voice & Data) from IT infrastructure services

  • We work with leading organizations like Tata and Airtel.
  • On an OPEX basis, we offer cost-effective integrated solutions for SMBs (IPBX/Internet Leased lines/Firewalls).
  • Our SLA-based data internet leased lines assure 99.5% uptime.
  • We can undertake and manage end-to-end project execution with post-sales support because we have the hardware and voice connectivity (from Tata).

MDM (Moblie Device / Data Management) from IT infrastructure services

We offer solutions for remote management / data protection / data wipe out etc., of sensitive corporate data lying on smartphones / tabs.

Workflow Management / Project Management / Ticketing Solutions from IT infrastructure services

We collaborate with cost-effective Linux-based solutions that offer workflow / project management and ticketing solutions to increase productivity, ensure smooth workflow, and track ticket “raise till closure.”

SMB Class Option | IT infrastructure services

Also, we offer products designed for SMB class like Sophos / Checkpoint.

Backup from IT infrastructure services

Options for regularly and automatically backing up data from the user’s local drives

Servers & Storage from IT infrastructure services

  • We offer a central repository of data – either on-premises or cloud.
  • We have options for both scenarios. On-premises could reside on a server or a NAS box.
  • High availability cloud storage options are available.

Remote/ Asset Management / Ticketing Solutions from IT infrastructure services

  • We offer prominent remote management solutions.
  • We integrate SolarWinds to help system administrators remotely resolve software issues, automatically update software patches and upgrades, and check on software and hardware inventory (ensuring licensing and asset tracking compliance).

Access Control & Surveillance from IT infrastructure services

  • We offer multi-point access control.
  • We also provide user-defined access to sensitive areas like server room / board room etc.
  • IP Surveillance from brands like Hikvision / Honeywell etc.
  • Integration of surveillance with access control to ensure incident-based reporting and red flagging

Boardroom Solutions | IT infrastructure services

  • We offer end-to-end conceiving, implementation, and support on boardroom solutions.
  • Multiple options of hardware and software video conferencing solutions are available.
  • A variety of Projectors and brands are available based on room size, audience size, etc.

Our Approach as IT infrastructure services

Our process-driven approach allows us to understand our client’s applications and infrastructure and consistently deliver results that exceed expectations.

We take a five-stage approach: evaluation, optimization, monitoring, reporting, and management.

What Sets Us Apart as IT Infrastructure Services?

  • Customer focused
  • Customizable delivery model
  • Flexible
  • Scalable service
  • Reliable, resilient, and responsive solutions
  • Best price

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