Buy or Rent: The Guide for the First few months of setting IT infra for Startups

Buy or Rent: The Guide for the First few months of setting IT infra for Startups

IT infra dealer in Bangalore- Setting up a business in itself is a major decision. Couple it up with the infrastructural challenges, and we have a mammoth standing right there. However, many initial setup hurdles can be avoided with the proper guidance. Now, while many businesses can do with basic infra setup, IT infra will be a significant cost for you if you are someone dealing in IT/ITes. It will be an equally significant decision because whatever the quality of service you will provide later will depend on this significantly.

 With the options available in the market, especially with the rent or buy options there, one gets spoilt for choices. However, it is important to note that one misstep could incur enormous costs later. Thus, we thought, why not write something about it so that you can wade through these waters well!

 So, onward we go!

Building IT infrastructure for your startup: the essentials | IT infra dealer in Bangalore

Your startup requires some of these basics that are a must-have for setting up an IT infra.

  1. The first thing that one needs to consider while developing their IT infra is the monitors and other basics like printers, scanners, even servers. While it may seem an easy choice to make, there are a number of aspects that need to be considered. Setting up an adequate framework starts with a good server. Working without a server is fine when you have under three workstations. However, assuming that you are looking at scaling up soon, adequate investment in a good server shall be required. A functional server costs more or less in the range of an average PC and can support at least 25 users, yet for most small tasks, a proportion of one server to ten clients is excellent. With one of the best IT infra dealer in Bangalore, Nurture IT takes care of all your hardware needs.
  1. Next in the line comes the choice of software. While you would be selecting much software right at the beginning, this one choice will be pretty recurring. However, here is where the power of the Internet will come to your rescue. There are multiple websites that can help you understand the pros and cons of the software in question. For instance, when you are looking at getting a business suite, Microsoft Office isn’t the only choice now, and neither do you have to go for Linux if you want freeware. Instead,Google’s G-Suite is quite a boon, considering how it combines the power of the cloud with a free office suite for all your needs. You can use Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and even Google’s whiteboard for collaborative working. The best part is that it all comes free with the domain emails you purchase from Google, and we all love Gmail- don’t we? Considering the buy or rent aspect of the question- while there are many software rental services available, they usually provide limited availability of the software solution. This means you will always be at the mercy of someone else. Hence, our suggestion- always buy! In case of the business suite solutions in specific- buy again but from an authorized reseller or seller for that will significantly cut your costs. With Nurture IT, one of the best IT infra dealer in Bangalore all your software needs can be met easily.
  1. The last point ended where we’ll start the discussion now- The Email! It is quite a choice between Outlook, Lotus Notes, Yandex, G-suite, and numerous others. While you may be tempted to have your email server in-house or go for the business email that came free with the domain purchase, our suggestion is to not fall for that trap.Your email will be the primary point of contact with most of your internal and external stakeholders/clients. In such a case, your email must remain fully functional at all times. Hence, if you have even an iota of thought about expanding- please buy a good one! This is entirely non-negotiable. At Nurture-IT, we can help you with making the right choice as well; as a trustworthy IT-Infra partner, that is what we do- help you make the right decisions.
  1. Your IT infrastructure is associated with a network. Your network comprises network enablement, web access, security and firewall highlights. The significance here is to approach the Internet, just as having remote admittance to printers and different gadgets, the capacity to divide documents among PCs, etc. The main thing on the rundown is to pick the sort of network you need. There are three network types: wired networks, wireless networks and hybrids. All have their pros and cons, so decide on the one that suits you the most. Given the existing IT infrastructure in most countries (barring a few developed ones), wired networks are considered faster, more reliable ones. However, they come with a series of challenges too. Plus, wires!! No one likes them. There is one catch here, though, if you are operating out of an office complex or a co-working space, you will be able to share/rent a lot of infra. On the other hand, if you want to keep things just to yourself, without dependency on others, we suggest buying them. It’s simple that way.

Things to know setting up an IT infrastructure for your startup

●     IT Infra upkeep can be quite mind-boggling, particularly to the people who aren’t really from the field. In such a case, it becomes quite important that you have the right partner by your side or else it wouldn’t be too surprising to make a mistake. At Nurture IT, for instance, we make sure that whenever someone comes for such a purchase, we educate them first. While, a lot of times, this also means that we tell the client to go for a comparatively lesser priced and economical solution, the trust that it builds helps. Having said that, the point is- please be informed before you make that purchase.

●     If someone is telling you to load servers, wires, hardware, and whatnot into your office, they may not be as well informed. For instance, the cloud is one solution that can help you save a lot of space and cost, especially of the dedicated AC fitting temperature-controlled server rooms. Plus, there are so many cloud-based solutions that you can have a virtual model, so keep that in mind.

●     The next thing that you need to consider is data security and privacy. There can always be a threat, no matter how many firewalls you build/install. When firms like Cognizant can fall prey to ransomware, you can only imagine the level of the threat that looms. Thus, you must put enough frameworks in place to ensure utmost data privacy and security. Also, ensuring that you are sticking to all the compliances will allow you to function smoothly even when working with clients abroad. Thus, the first step you take towards building your infra is to keep the global expansion thing in mind.

●     Remember that as your new company grows, the requirement for innovations will always keep coming up. In all likelihood, any specific frameworks will have to be facilitated within the firm. Thus, ensure that you leave enough scope for expansion in your initial IT infra setup to avoid any fresh setup costs later.

Buy or Rent: Which one to consider | from IT infra dealers in Bangalore

  • The biggest reason one may consider renting is to cut down the considerable investment right in the beginning. It’s a valid point; however, note that when you purchase your servers and workstations, they immediately become a claimed resource of your organization. This implies they can be included in your balance sheet and straightforwardly enhance your business. On the contrary, rented hardware isn’t considered an owned resource and hence, will not be included in the balance sheet. Plus, the loan you may take for purchasing the infra will get you a further rebate on the taxes. Rented stuff will just be an expense.
  • Another reason that works in favour of renting is the maintenance and up-gradation cost that wouldn’t be a hassle. The valid point again, but here is a caveat, not every rental service includes maintenance. Also, when you purchase, maintenance is mostly included. At least, we at Nurture-IT offer maintenance support. (IT infra dealer in Bangalore)
  • In addition to this, when you are renting, you may not have your solution updated on the go. Mostly, such up-gradation rights are not a part of the contract. However, when you purchase the infra, you are free to do anything you want with it. Upgrade the software, get the hardware replaced, have it modified- do whatever you want, it’s all yours!
  • And lastly, if you are starting a business, you are most likely in it for the long haul. You have come with certain dreams and aspirations and want to scale up. A rental solution will not provide you with that kind of flexibility. However, having complete control over your IT infra, or in other words, purchasing it, would. And with one of the best IT infra dealer in Bangalore, Nurture IT is a one-stop solution for all your IT needs.


Setting up an IT infra from scratch is quite an investment. However, most firms require it, especially if you are someone working in SAS/IT/ITes, there is simply no alternative. While we understand that you may be tempted to play safe and rent/share some before making a big investment, consider the shifting costs required later. Your IT infra is going to be the backbone of your business. (IT infra dealer in Bangalore)

Now, another question that comes here is- is the dealer I will get my infra from the right one? Again, we can speak for ourselves, and we know for a fact that we at Nurture IT provide the best solutions and are the number one corporate IT infra dealer in Bangalore. We assist firms with hybrid or completely virtual models by providing adequate logistical support for their infra management. So, to know more about us, do get in touch.