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IT solutions company in Bangalore: Protecting your company’s assets and data is more critical than ever in this age of global connection, which is why you need a robust firewall. In addition, for a wide range of services, almost every business is connected to the Internet. E-mail, search, social media, & cloud storage are the best examples of these services.

Did you even know that the attack on small or medium companies accounts for more than half of all cyberattacks that happen worldwide? Cybercriminals don’t waste time trying to hack large organisations when they can swiftly infiltrate a small business and cause all kinds of havoc, from stealing money from bank accounts to shutting down your network for a ransom.

Vigilance is essential when it comes to safeguarding your company’s data. A firewall may not be the most glamorous piece of technology, but it is the first line of defence between your computer network and the outside world, and it should be an important part of your security infrastructure. Nurture IT is one of the best IT solutions company in Bangalore that helps you to secure your precious business and provides encryption to your system.

Defining a Firewall | IT solutions company in bangalore

A firewall is a safekeeping device (either hardware or software) that can help safeguard your network by filtering traffic and preventing unauthorised access to your computer’s confidential data.

As a sort of filter for incoming network traffic, firewalls are useful. These firewalls are installed at the networ’s perimenter and examin incoming data packets for any potential problems that might point to a security danger. Depedning on the type of firewall, these firewalls search for harmful data packets in different ways.

A firewall can prevent harmful malware from infecting your computer in addition to blocking undesired traffic. Different levels of security can be obtained by using firewalls. Therefore, it is crucial to figure out how much defence you require.

The following blog will help you realise what firewalls are and how to choose the level of security that will keep your computer and its data safe and secure.

What exactly is the function of a firewall? | IT solutions company in Bangalore

As a guardian, a firewall is used. It keeps track of attempts to obtain access to your operating system and blocks unwelcome traffic or unknown sources.

What is the mechanism behind this? Between your system and another network, such as the Internet, a firewall serves as a barrier or filter. A firewall can be compared to a traffic control system. By regulating network traffic, it helps to protect your network and information. This involves restricting unsolicited incoming network traffic and authenticating Access by scanning network traffic for harmful elements such as hackers and viruses.

A firewall is normally pre-installed as part of your operating system or security software. So it’s a great idea to turn on those options. Also, double-check that your security settings are set to install updates automatically.

While a firewall will not protect your company from all types of assaults, the repercussions of not having one are far worse. The topmost risks of not having a firewall are listed below:

  • Outage on a Network

Total network collapse is one of the worst potential scenarios if you don’t have a firewall. Malicious criminals can shut down your firm if you don’t have appropriate security. And this could have disastrous consequences for your company. Not only can you lose data, but it could take days or even weeks to get your systems up and running again.

  • Public Access Isn’t Restricted

Without a firewall, it’s like leaving your front door unlocked. It’s almost as if you’re begging crooks to break into your system, which they will. In addition, a company without a firewall is easy prey because anyone may access their network, and they have no way of monitoring potential threats or untrustworthy data.

  • Data Access with No Restrictions

Now, if you assume your small firm doesn’t have to be concerned since the data it generates has no external value, you should think again. Cybercriminals are well conscious of the importance of your data.

You’re allowing attackers full control over your data if you don’t have a firewall. They can then either take your data, release it to the public, encrypt it and hold it for ransom, or wipe it entirely. So failure to safeguard your network with a firewall is not only a costly mistake; it may also cost you your business.

A firewall can help protect you from the following threats: | IT solutions company in Bangalore

  • Security breaches: Prevents hackers from gaining unauthorised remote Access to your network and misusing your data. Unless you expressly authorise it, firewalls will prevent any attempts from outside connections.
  • Brute force attacks: This is the cyber equivalent of trying every key on the keychain to obtain Access to your network, in which hackers generate thousands of username and password combinations to figure out your login credentials. Hackers can do whatsoever they want with your machine once your password has been obtained.
  • DoS attacks: Prevents malicious actors from flooding your systems with internet traffic and knocking them offline. Even though your company is uncertain to be the target of massive DDoS assaults, you must safeguard your network to avoid being hijacked by hackers and used as part of a ‘botnet’ to launch attacks against others.
  • Viruses: Prevents malware, ransomware, and spoofing assaults that attempt to steal data, damage machines, infect visitors, or limit Access until the money is paid. You can prohibit the bulk of dangerous software from ever entering your network by adding gateway anti-malware services to your firewall. This provides multi-layered security when combined with anti-malware, preventing all but the most sophisticated threats.
  • Potentially unwanted programs: Prevents hackers from attempting to spy on your network to obtain useful information about your business, such as financial data and records.

Keep in mind that while firewalls are beneficial, they can only assist in the prevention of these types of assaults. Firewalls, antivirus, multi-factor authentication, encryption tools, and solid cyber guidelines are just a few of the factors that contribute to a safe environment. Backup systems should be taken into account as well.


A solid cyber security strategy for a firm includes more than just firewall protection. If you don’t have the necessary experience in-house, an expert IT firm can assist you in developing and implementing an efficient cyber security strategy and firewall system to secure your organisation.

Nurture IT is the best it solutions company in bangalore that can create a cyber security strategy tailored to your company’s needs and assist you in putting in place an efficient firewall to safeguard your company from the threat of cybercrime.