How to choose the best network provider?

How to choose the best network provider?

We have been writing about this repeatedly, and, many times, when one of our prospective clients comes to discuss it, we tell them all of it again. How and why should anybody trust Nurture IT for being the best network provider or one of the best networking dealers in Bangalore?

While we have our set of achievements to share, we thought we’d create a dedicated blog and share it with you. This way, you will have your touchstone parameters or checklists to see if a certain firm qualifies for being the allegedly best network provider tag or not. More importantly, it would help you prioritize and de-prioritize your requirements, and hence you’ll be able to evaluate the network dealers in Bangalore or otherwise better.

Best Network Provider
Best Network Provider

So, without much ado, here we go.

The 5 factors to choosing the Best Network Provider for your firm

Earlier, it used to be just a telecom provider that people had to be worried about. Sometimes, intranet used to be a concern, too, but now, in the world of IoT, a best network provider or a networking dealer has come to constitute not just the telecom services but also your entire ISP requirements. While some may say that one shouldn’t put all their eggs in the same basket and whatnot, having the same vendor taking care of your entire IT infrastructure services is always a good idea.

This is because all your network, software, and hardware are different requirements, but they tend to work together to give the best results. In such a situation, you wound’t want one vendor blaming the other for something not working properly. However, having the same reliable vendor taking care of the entire operations would make life easier for all.

At Nurture It, for this very reason, we have dedicated service packages for all business sizes. However, that discussion is for another time. For now, let us look at the 5 things to consider while comparing the best networking dealers in Bangalore or otherwise.

Reputation | Best Network Provider

The very first and probably the most obvious that comes into our minds. Is the network provider new into the business, do they have any clients, how long have they been operating, and who their marquee clients are? These and many such questions can help you identify the best network provider for your specific requirements. You can also check the reviews on Google, Yelp, or others. We would recommend that you should not just go by the ratings. Rather, check the reviews and the text because that is where the true story lies.

Service Level Agreements | Best Network Provider

The contractual communication draft between you and the service provider, or the SLA as we call it plays a major role when things go haywire. Now, you wouldn’t want that to happen but shouldn’t we all prepare for the worst? We have often seen that an SLA is invoked more often than not to suit the requirements of the party benefitting. It becomes quite an ugly situation then, and hence you must ensure that the terms of the agreement are as neutral as possible. Also, ensure that the details are clearly mentioned with no scope for confusion or misinterpretation. Here is an example of how some of the relevant pieces of information can be included:

  • Response Priority: Critical: 4hrs or less
  • Network Quality of Service
  • Network Availability: Target of at least 99.999% uptime
  • Round Trip Latency Under 40ms
  • Jitter under 10ms
  • Packet loss target < 0.1%

We would also like to mention that some service providers do not provide a guaranteed service. So you may want to negotiate on that accordingly.

Best Network Provider

Customer Support | Best Network Provider

It is outright impossible to expect that there will be no glitches or downtimes. However, how fast they will be solved is something that would matter greatly! Customer support has a significant value to add, whether it is the usual operations, the addition of a new service, technical support, basic training, or even providing support in emergencies. For instance, we at Nurture IT provide Extended support, making us one of the best network providers. So you see, it is just like what Lenovo / HP / Dell does with its laptops. The laptops are good, no doubt, but their after-sales service makes this brand the most sought after.

Also, it isn’t just about the availability of the support; it is also about the effectiveness. So, you need to discuss with your service provider if they are well equipped to provide the support for all the services in their kitty. Often, the network dealers in Bangalore and otherwise work with partners. In such a situation, the service dependency becomes a function of the partner’s efficiency. So, make sure that before you select one as the best network provider partner for your needs, you are also sure of their efficiency and efficacy.

Best Network Provider

Agility, Upgradation, and Flexibility | Best Network Provider

As a growing business, it makes sense to include your growth plans into your IT infrastructure plans and communicate the same to your network service providers. Your network service providers should be equipped to handle an increase in demand. 

 Available Bandwidth | Best Network Provider

This one is fairly specific to the internet bandwidth requirement, but it makes sense to share it here. You need to understand your bandwidth requirements to source an ISP that can provide enough speed to suit your company’s requirements. Please understand that the bandwidth availability fluctuates from carrier to carrier based on n number of factors. So, try and finalize the minimum required, and get an assurance from your network provider that they will be able to provide at least that without fail.

Figuring out the best network provider: An act of asking the Right Questions 

The very basic and obvious step you need to ask the right questions. You may feel that browsing through the website or the brochure will serve the purpose but believe us, it doesn’t work that way. You need to discuss every single thing. You may even feel that the questions are very obvious and look stupid, but as one of the best networking dealers in Bangalore, we can tell you that nothing is.

You need to ask those questions to make the right decision. You need to understand the process so you can ask the questions later when snags are hit. Any good networking dealer will answer your questions in depth. So, go ahead and enquire.

How Nurture IT- Best Network Provider, can help you in the pursuit

At Nurture IT, we know that no one size fits all. Hence, we have curated special packages for all business sizes depending upon their requirements. Moreover, we can help you get connectivity for even the remotest sites. In addition to this, we provide end-to-end solutions, i.e., everything starting from networking equipment to after-sales support is provided. 

If you want to learn more about us and how we do this, how about we get on a call?

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