How to Install the Google Play Store on Windows 11

How to Install the Google Play Store on Windows 11

All Windows 11 users now have access to a preview of the Windows Subsystem for Android, which permits you to run Android apps on your laptop or computer. Unfortunately, access to the Google Play Store is not available. Instead, Microsoft has teamed up with Amazon to deliver Android apps to Windows 11 customers through the Amazon App Store. If you don’t want to download and install Android apps through the Amazon App Store, here’s how to install the google play store for pc. 

Important: The Google Play Store is not supported by Microsoft in Windows 11, so things can go wrong at any time. Microsoft may issue an update that disrupts everything and disables the Google Play Store on your machine. We thoroughly tested it before publishing this article, but we cannot guarantee that the Google Play Store will operate on your machine. Also, the minimum hardware requirements for Android apps on Windows 11 should be considered.

Installing the Google Play Store on Windows 11 necessitates using several tools, including Command Prompt and PowerShell, to run different Linux commands. Everything you’ll need to finish this activity is in the steps below. Of course, you’ve probably made a mistake if something isn’t operating properly. If that’s the case, follow the instructions until they’re successful.

google play store

Installing Google Play Store on Windows 11 requires the following prerequisites.

  • Before installing the Google Play Store, you must first have the Amazon Appstore installed on your Windows 11 PC. Then, you can purchase it through the Microsoft Store.
  • Before beginning the procedure, make sure your PC satisfies the Windows 11 system requirements and that you have installed all of the latest updates.
  • Make sure you have the most recent version of Microsoft Store installed. 
  • Make sure hardware virtualization is turned on on your Windows 11 PC—Ctrl+Shift+Esc to the Task Manager’s “Performance” tab. If Intel VT-X isn’t turned on in your computer’s UEFI firmware, you’ll need to enable it (BIOS).
  • After double-checking everything, you can begin the Google Play Store installation procedure on Windows 11.

How to Install and Download google play store for windows 11.

  • You’ll need a utility called ‘PowerShell Windows Toolbox,’ which was recommended by How-to Geek, to download & install the google play store for windows 11.
  • Then, copy the code underneath the ‘Easy Start Command’ option underneath the How to Use section.
  • Now, as an Administrator, start Windows PowerShell on your PC. Go to the start menu, type the tool’s name into the search box, and then select ‘Run as Administrator.’
google play store
Run As Administrator
  • Now, in PowerShell, paste the previously copied code and press Enter.
  • Then, after a few moments, go to the bottom of the screen and select “Install Google Play Store for Windows 11.” This will be replaced by a new package that will replace the Windows Subsystem for Android. To continue, type ‘P’.
  • You’ll be given a new link to copy-paste into your browser to download a ZIP file. Then, please enter the address of the file in PowerShell once it has been downloaded.

The Google Play Store will appear alongside your other apps in your Start Menu when you’re finished. You can now sign in to the Play Store using your Google account and use the apps you’ve downloaded on your Windows 11 computer!

Running Android apps natively on Windows 11 eliminates the need for Android emulators. In addition, with Play Store support, you can now install most, if not all, Android apps without having to sideload them.

Those apps that aren’t available in the Play Store can be sideloaded using the Command Prompt or WSA Tools on your Windows 11 PC.
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