What is an Internet Leased line and what makes it different?

What is an Internet Leased line and what makes it different?

Businesses, organizations, academic institutions, and various service industries have all found the Internet to be critical to their existence. However, rather than employing broadband services, a growing number of businesses and organizations are turning to Internet leased lines, or ILLs, for internet connectivity.

A dedicated internet connection that allows direct network communication between many endpoints is known as an Internet leased line. Unlike Broadband, it is not shared by several third-party users in a locality and provides high connectivity and a constant bandwidth.

What is an Internet Leased line?

Essentially, a leased line internet service provider will provide a direct line of communication and data exchange between two or more sites. ILL connections are a simple way to get what you need because they allow for a constant stream of data, communication, and contact between specific points. While the speed and reliability of your leased line internet service are limited by the fiber optic connection that supports it, it is still a fast and dependable communication choice. In addition, unlike other broadband providers that use a more public network, ILL connection is committed to protecting its customers’ privacy.

Additionally, it is the best choice for businesses & entrepreneurs looking to deliver the best internet setup for their staff. Any company or office that employs over 20 constant internet connection users will benefit more from an Internet leased line plan as it brings reliability and productivity to daily tasks.

ILL services include linking computers & servers across different sectors, making a leased line connection for business a smart solution, connecting phone calls, ensuring a stable & fast internet connection. Another characteristic that makes leased line broadband for business is working from home by allowing employees to connect from their devices at home. At times, your Internet leased line provider might also refer to the same product as a fibre leased line connection.

At times, a similar product may be referred to as a fiber leased line connection by your leased line internet provider. While they both relate to the same item, the differences in titles can confuse while searching for Internet leased line options.

There is no better choice than a leased line broadband connection for business than other types of internet broadband for people seeking internet plans to sustain their business, especially e-commerce websites. A leased line package can help you and your complete team accomplish every objective and expand by providing back-up through every step of the road, among all other technologies for the company, especially among mid to large-sized enterprises.

What is the mechanism behind Internet leased line?

A leased-line is similar to fiber optic broadband in that it uses the same technology. A fiber optic leased line sends light pulses down a fiber optic cable to transmit data. When sending data over a fiber optic cable, the equipment on both ends looks for light, whether on or off, representing the binary 0’s and 1’s of digital data. At one end, equipment will switch lights on and off to indicate Is, and at the other, equipment will recognize this, record it, and store it back as 0s and 1s.

This information moves at the speed of light. The only limiting factor on speed is most typically how quickly the equipment at either end can send or recognize light, as it is physically impossible for this to be any faster.

A leased line differs in that it is leased to a company therefore the connection to the ISP is unique to that company rather than being shared with thousands of others.

What advantages do Internet Leased Lines have over Broadband?

There are several benefits to using an Internet leased line over Broadband for medium and large enterprises. The following are some of the advantages:

Speed of Symmetry | Internet leased line

Internet leased lines enable symmetrical speeds for downloads and uploads, whereas broadband internet connections prioritise download speeds while reducing upload speeds.

Speed Limits | Internet leased line

Broadband speeds cannot match the speed of a leased line connection. The latter has a maximum speed of up to 10 Gbps, while the former has a much lower maximum speed. “According to Ookla’s latest Speedtest Global Index study, India’s average fixed broadband speed as of August 2021 was 62.45 Mbps”.  

Connection Devoted entirely | Internet leased line

In most cases, numerous customers in a given area share broadband internet access. On the other hand, a dedicated internet connection is provided via an Internet leased line, which is not shared by businesses or any other residents in the area. During busy hours, this keeps the network stable. 

SLAs (Service Level Agreements) in Internet leased line

SLAs, or Service Level Agreements, are provided by Internet leased lines to their customers. SLAs define the minimum level of performance that can be expected from an Internet leased line. They also notify clients what compensation they’ll get if those promises aren’t kept. On the other hand, broadband internet connections rarely offer such agreements to their users.

Stability in Internet leased line

Broadband connections are less reliable than Internet Leased Lines. This is due to the former’s ability to readily monitor various internet connection performance indicators, such as latency and jitter.

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