These cameras are available on Nurture IT - IT solutions company in bangalore.

A CCTV camera has become a requirement tool in recent years to keep yourself secure from intruders. CCTVs have been improved in various ways to make them more user-friendly and effective. Although there are many excellent security cameras available in several price ranges, the enormous diversity and technological developments can leave you perplexed as to which device to select. In this blog, we’ll show you some of the top CCTV cameras in India to make your decision easier, and you can buy these cameras from an IT solutions company in Bangalore.

There are a variety of models available, including smart home security cameras that can transmit live footage to you and send notifications when motion is detected. Budget-friendly types also exist; some have weatherproof build so that you may use them indoors and out.

You can buy these cameras from It Solutions company in Bangalore

1. HAC-HDW3200G by Dahua from IT Solutions company in Bangalore

Dahua is known for producing high-quality products, and in 2021, it was named one of India’s top ten CCTV camera brands. This smart security camera includes the newest 360° viewing technology and infrared night vision. In addition, this smart camera with AI motion detection detects faces and movement. Because it includes a 20 MP sensor and records in 1080p definition, this camera with two-way communication speakers and a microphone is also the best security camera for home.

This camera comes with a six-month guarantee, and the software can manage multiple views from different camera feeds. In addition, the dome-shaped smart camera is small and discreet, and it blends in well with the inverted installation.

2. DAHUA HAC- HDW 1800 TLM (-A) from IT Solutions company in Bangalore

This has to be the worlds’ greatest outdoor security camera because it has a 360-degree view, 4K resolution, and night vision. You can effortlessly control and watch the video stream from the camera using the mobile application. Of course, you’ll need a 4G connection to get the greatest video stream. You can also customize intelligent alerts and notifications to receive real-time updates on the mobile application.

This home security camera with in-built mic features & the equipment comes with a 3-month guarantee and is installed for free. Because it contains smart infrared lights up to 30 m  linked to the camera, it is ideal for recording in low light. For an integrated system of cameras, this is the best camera to buy.

3. HIKVISION DS-2CD2326G1-I/SL from IT Solutions company in Bangalore

The all-new 2 MP, IR Fixed Turret Network Camera, is a must-have for anyone searching for a home security camera with recording and a smooth pan and tilt range of up to 360° horizontally and 114° vertically, respectively. It can record video in 1080p definition and accepts micro SD cards up to 128 GB in size. It also has motion detection, and the mobile application allows you to track people and other things. In addition, this home security camera with mobile connectivity has excellent night vision and can see objects up to 30 m away, which is powered by Darkfighter technology.

You may watch a live video feed and keep track of the space with the mobile app. If you don’t want any unwelcome visitors, there’s also a light and audio alarm system that goes off. The camera comes with a one-year guarantee and privacy mode, which allows you to turn off the surveillance whenever you want.

4. DS-2CD2T26G1-4I/SL by HIKVISION from IT Solutions company in Bangalore

HIKVISION is an International company specializing in high-end surveillance equipment for home and commercial use. It is a well-known brand in India, with a large following.

Even in low-light or no-light situations and target classification, it performs admirably. It has a 2.8, 4, 6, 8 mm lens and can capture high-resolution video. In addition, the camera’s dome form allows it to be placed almost anywhere—a 20-meter infrared range with a resolution of 1080P powered by Darkfighter technology & accepts micro SD cards up to 128 GB in size.

5. Honeywell’sPerformance Series 4K Ultra HD Ball Camera from IT Solutions company in Bangalore

The performance of the 4k Ultra HD Ball Camera from a technological view is outstanding because it is dust, dirt & waterproof, and supports a Micro SD card upto 128 GB in emergency events.

View from all sides at 360°, Night vision in 1080p, Tracking motion, and Wifi connectivity are some of the key features of this product.

6. Honeywell’s 2MP 1080p AHD Bullet from IT Solutions company in Bangalore

The Honeywell CCTV Camera is an excellent camera used in both homes and businesses. It has a low-light 1080P camera. With Honeywell’s remote access feature, you can effortlessly keep track of who comes in and out of your home. In addition, its 2-megapixel wide-angle view allows you to notice any intruders. 

Night vision can be accessed from different locations with a resolution of 1080P with a wide lens.

7. C3TN Colour WiFI Smart Home Camera from IT Solutions company in Bangalore

EZVIZ is a well-known brand around the world for surveillance systems. As a result, Ezviz cameras aren’t surprising to see on this list. In addition, EZVIZproduces a wide range of security cameras, including wireless security cameras.

Day and night digital box cameras with 14 Privacy Zone Masking Coaxial Communication with Motion Detection, which supports 256 GB SD storage, Cloud storage, and 20+ 3D DNR, are some features.

8. IMOU Cruiser from IT Solutions company in Bangalore

IMOU is a globally recognized electronic firm. The company has a long history and is well-known for producing high-end, high-quality goods. In addition, IMOU is known for its high-end technology and precision in CCTV cameras. 

This camera has a top-notch configuration such as Human detection, Night vision with smart color, 360-degree view,  two-way talk system, in-built siren and spotlight, diversified storage (Cloud Storage, NVR & SD card) stored securely and easy to access from your device.

9. 3.6 Mm Dome Camera (5 MP) Z.CC.CA.IRDO.HDTV50D.32 from IT Solutions company in Bangalore

Zicom is another company with several great and reasonably priced CCTV camera types in India. These cameras are available in various sizes, pricing points, and features. 2560*1920 HD Analog IR Weatherproof IP66 Indoor Outdoor CCTV with True Day, Night, and IR for superb color reproduction IP66 watertight. Night vision with long transmission and a 100-degree field are some key features.

These cameras are available on Nurture IT – IT solutions company in bangalore.


How are surveillance cameras different from security cameras?

Surveillance cameras work on IP networks wherein a camera is linked from the remote area to the assigned security location. At the same time, Security cameras or CCTV cameras are used to convey from one place to another with the help of a monitor.

What is the easiest & best security cameras to install?
Arlo Pro 4 is one of the best security cameras to install anywhere inside your home, office, and outdoors. It’s super easy to install, and its excellent video quality captures fine details.