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As a Microsoft office 365 subscriber, you need to get regularly get new and improved office features. Take a look at the latest updates compiled on office 365 by office 365 partners in bangalore dealer.

What you should know about the security updates in Office 365

(Office 365 partners in Bangalore) Security upgrades are one of the most time-consuming but crucial aspects of IT. Windows upgrades, in particular, can be excruciating, necessitating prolonged periods of “go-slow” and several restarts. The good news is that updating Office 365 is a simple and flexible process.

In contrast to prior versions of Office, individual software updates and other changes for Microsoft 365 Apps are not visible through Windows Update. Instead, Microsoft develops an updated version of Microsoft 365 Apps and uploads it to the Office Content Delivery Network (CDN) on the internet every time an update is published. This updated version contains all of the most recent updates and those from earlier months.

Instead of security updates, Office 365 offers an update process.

The fact that Office 365 is a relatively recent addition to Microsoft’s product line (it was first introduced in 2011), although the standalone Office suite is now decades old, may be the reason why people frequently discuss security updates for Office 365. Microsoft’s single Office product receives just security (and bug repair) updates, but Office 365 receives both functionality and security upgrades regularly.

Office 365 and Microsoft 365 subscribers receive more frequent software updates than individuals who purchase Office without even a subscription, allowing them access to the most latest features, security patches, and bug fixes. Keeping track of the changes in each update and determining when they’ll be ready, on the other hand, could be challenging. You won’t have to do anything because we’ll take care of everything.

The updates to Office 365/Microsoft 365 for Windows are summarized below, with the most recent releases appearing first. 

(Build 14827.20198) Version 2201 On February 16, 2022 

This version of Access corrects a single problem that resulted in application errors.

(Build 14827.20192) Version 2201 On February 8, 2022

This version fixes many issues, including one where users could not save their Project files. Excel, Visio, and the full Office suite get security updates.

This is a security update that should be installed as soon as possible. Check for complaints of difficult issues over the next few weeks, and if everything appears to be in order, install the update.

(Build 14827.20158) Version 2201 On January 26, 2022

This version contains many improvements, including enhanced address book search in Outlook and quicker scrolling across big or wide-cell Excel spreadsheets.

Many issues were repaired, including one in Outlook that caused apps to become unusable after loading a contact card, another in Word where “Repeat style” applied Normal rather than repeating the style, and a bug in Access that caused the Insights add-in to cease operating sporadically.

(Build 14729.20260) Version 2112  On January 12, 2022

Several problems and performance issues have been addressed in this build.

(Build 14729.20248) Version 2112 On January 11, 2022

This version of Excel corrects an issue that prevented shapes and form controls from calling VBA macros. Two Microsoft Office Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities are also addressed. See “Microsoft Office Security Updates Release Notes” for further information.

This is a security update that should be installed as soon as possible. Check for complaints of difficult issues over the next few weeks, and if everything appears to be in order, install the update.

(Build 14729.20194) Version 2112 On January 4, 2022

This build includes several new features, including the ability to track only your changes in Word when work in partnership, an improved way to search Outlook’s calendar, and several new Teams features, including one that allows you to “raise your hand” virtually to let others know you want to contribute without interrupting the conversation.

It also addresses some problems, including one in Access that caused an application to quit unexpectedly when several threads were connected to an Access or Jet database. Another Outlook caused users to see garbled text in some fields when exporting contacts to a CSV.

(Build 14701.20262) Version 2111 On December 16, 2021

This update addresses two bugs: one in Access that prevented multiple users from opening a database on a network file share, and another that affects the entire Office suite and involves updating components that may contain text.

(Build 14701.20248) Version 2111 On December 14, 2021

This release addresses several issues, including one in Excel where opening an XLSM file in the SpreadsheetCompare tool led the tool to stop responding occasionally, and another in Outlook where the instructional callouts (tips) regarding the new Office-style did not appear.

It also includes Excel and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite security updates. See Microsoft Office Security Updates Release Notes for further information.

(Build 14701.20226) Version 2111 On December 3, 2021

This build corrects some issues, including one in Excel where newly created PivotTables could lose custom settings if the data source range were changed; another in PowerPoint and Word where some pop-up UI elements, such as the Join Meeting pop-up in Outlook or the Welcome Back pop-up in PowerPoint, could not be clicked; and yet another in Project where some projects would close unexpectedly when handling heavily customised reports.

Although the Office 365 update procedure is distinct from the Office and Windows update processes, it follows the same concepts. Because Office 365 upgrades frequently include security updates, you should try to install them as soon as possible. At the same time, many businesses may need or want to test Office 365 updates before deploying them in production; thus, the issue becomes one of balancing security with practicality.

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