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VPN reseller: Want to protect your online privacy while improving your mobile experience? Downloading one of the best VPN services for your Android device can provide multiple benefits. From increasing your online anonymity and browsing safely on public Wi-Fi to unblocking censored sites and foreign catalogs on streaming platforms, an Android VPN is an all-around tool that everyone will appreciate.

But how does an Android VPN manage to do this? Simple, when you turn on your security software, you are connected to one of its many international VPN servers. It means you can spoof your location and prevent snoopers from tracking you down in just a few clicks. At the same time, you have easy access to geo-restricted content. However, choosing the right one for your needs can be hard work. But don’t worry, here we bring you the 3 best android VPN apps in 2022.  

ExpressVPN | VPN reseller

There are so many reasons to like ExpressVPN and its Android app. The dedicated app is extremely user-friendly and straightforward but also has many advanced options.

Interface and features | VPN reseller

If you’ve already used ExpressVPN for desktop, you won’t notice any differences: an On/Off button to connect and a simple list of servers to choose from. The provider has over 3,000 servers across 94 countries, with the app available in 16 languages.

Plus, there’s a neat location picker, insecure network detection, split tunneling, specialist privacy tools menu, and a kill switch to improve security. You will also find its Protection Summary feature under the Privacy and Security Tools menu, which tells you which IP address you’re connected to and displays the strength of your connection.

Security | VPN reseller

ExpressVPN offers AES 256-bit encryption and secure protocols such as OpenVPN and its own WireGuard-based Lightway. Even better, the ioXt Alliance has certified the Android app. While its performance was average compared to the competition, its 420-630Mbps speed results were consistent and acceptable, especially when applying the Lightway protocol.

Streaming | VPN reseller

Well-known for its great unblocking power, the ExpressVPN Android VPN app easily flew through our tests when we used it to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other services.

Support | VPN reseller

If you have any problem with this VPN, whether installing the ExpressVPN Android app or using it, its website has a wide range of content and video guides and 24/7 customer support via live chat.

NordVPN | VPN reseller

NordVPN is undoubtedly a well-known Android VPN app, with over 50 million downloads in Google Play Store. 

Interface and features | VPN reseller

The NordVPN Android app is easy to download and use. However, we must admit that we do not like the servers map view, but there is the option to switch to a more standard list format. Plus, recent updates have made the map more thumb-friendly.

Aside from that, NordVPN has nice features like split tunneling, enhanced CyberSec malware shield, auto-connect, Double VPN technology, and the fast NordLynx protocol. Although there is no built-in kill switch, adding a similar tool in the settings is really easy. It’s also easy to access extra special features like P2P and obfuscated servers. Also, developers have recently added a new profile section accessibility function, which allows users to quickly access subscription status, VPN settings, protection stats, and other useful features.  

Security | VPN reseller

While the features mentioned above will instantly improve your online privacy, its strict ‘zero logs’ policy (audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, no less) means it does not track the user’s online activity. This is even backed up on Android with ioXt Alliance certification.   

Streaming | VPN reseller

Nord’s overall strength in unblocking websites and bypassing streaming restrictions is almost unparalleled. It supports all major streaming services, including Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer, making it an excellent choice for all Android streamers.   

Support | VPN reseller

The app provides a live chat feature for 24/7 customer support. It is great because it lets you work on flaws without leaving the app. 

Surfshark | VPN reseller

Surfshark is many people’s first choice because of its market-leading pricing, making it the best cheap VPN right now. However, a low price doesn’t mean poor quality. That also applies to its Android app.

Interface and features | VPN reseller

Unlike many other providers, Surfshark’s user interface barely changes from desktop to mobile. It means that security features like a dedicated kill switch, split tunneling, and an integrated malware blocker are easily accessible.

But what truly distinguishes Shurfshark from its competitors is its GPS spoofing feature, which allows it to return your chosen VPN server coordinates. It’s the only Android VPN app we’ve seen that does this. Not for everyone, but a useful feature if you want to get a location for a fake GPS for Pok√©mon Go playing (although, even then, it needs some workarounds).     

Security | VPN reseller

Besides the features mentioned above, Surfshark offers its own private DNS, market-standard AES-256 encryption, and privacy audits as recently as May 2021, when Cure53 audited its servers. 

Streaming | VPN reseller

In our recent round of testing, Surfshark proved to be one of the most powerful for unblocking, especially if you’re looking for a Netflix VPN. Surfshark was able to access Netflix libraries in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan despite Netflix trying to crack down on IP addresses used by VPNs. It’ll also make it easy to access Disney Plus, Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer. 

Support | VPN reseller

If you need help or spot a bug, it’s easy to raise support tickets right from the app itself.  However, in our experience, you won’t use that function very often. Surfshark’s mobile interface is very straightforward.  

Android VPN FAQ

What can an Android VPN help me with?

Firstly, they act as a great defense alongside Android antivirus in terms of online security. As previously stated, the nature of their encrypted tunneling and ability to disguise your IP address makes them an excellent way to keep cybercriminals at bay – no more worrying about online banking and shopping while using unfamiliar networks.  

On which devices can I use an Android VPN?

Android VPNs are ready to work with all modern smartphones and tablets running the OS, from your Samsung Galaxy M12 to your Lenovo Tab P11 Pro.

Should I get a free Android VPN app?

Even a quick browse through the Play Store menu will show many free apps available for download. Some may be fine, while others will be far from fine, but none will be truly excellent.