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VPN reseller: Sometimes, you may find that you can’t download a particular app from the Play Store because it’s unavailable in your country. Yes, according to the region, each country has its own Play Store. This means that certain apps, games, movies, and TV shows may not be available depending on where you are.

What happens if you need to download an app that isn’t available in your country? Will you just give up? Will you look for another option? What if there is no other option? In such a case, you have to change the country of your Google Play Store in this case.

Firstly, Google uses two things to find your country of origin:

  • your google wallet settings
  • your IP

Changing the former works only if you have moved to a new country and want to use the new Google Play Store. But, if you haven’t moved and just want to unblock geo-restricted apps on the Play Store, you’ll have to choose the latter.

You do not have to travel around the world to access different kinds of content. This is because a VPN allows you to change your IP location virtually.

Continue reading this blog to learn how to change your region/country and unblock it with a VPN from the comfort of your bed.

Clean Your Cached Location | VPN reseller

As previously mentioned, Google Play Store uses your IP address to decide your location and then stores information about you to use for future visits.

Because all your location data is usually cached in your app data, the first step is to delete it. Here’s how to;

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone
  • Navigate to Downloaded Apps
  • Select Google Play Store
  • Tap Force Stop after you open the App settings
  • Tap Clear Data

This step clears your cached information, leaving the Play Store with no information about you. It is now ready for your next connection.

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Sign Up With a VPN | VPN reseller

When accessing geo-restricted content, a VPN is the most helpful tool. It reroutes your traffic via a remote server while also encrypting it for security reasons.

In our case, the VPN’s main role is to connect us to a remote server, so our traffic appears to originate from the country where the server is located. When you connect, you will be given an IP address from that country so that the Play Store will see a different IP address from your actual one. For instance, you will be given a US-based IP address if you connect to a US server. Thus, the Google Play Store will only provide you with content from the United States.

However, before buying a VPN to unlock the Play Store, you should look at their servers. You must subscribe to a VPN with a server in your target country to unblock their Play Store. The best VPN to unblock the Play Store should have many servers in different countries.

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Set Your Location | VPN reseller

Before moving to this step, make sure to complete the above steps.

You can then launch your VPN app and pick a server. The server you choose should be in the country that you want your Google Play Store to believe you are.

Your traffic will be routed through that country’s server, and you will be given an IP address from that country.

Re-launch Google Play Store | VPN reseller

After completing the last step, you can reload your Google Play Store app.

You should now have content for the country you are connected to via the server.

If you want to try a different country after you’ve already tried one, you’ll need to clear Google Play Store data and then set it up again.

Changing Google Play Store Location Using Mac/PC | VPN reseller

If you don’t wish to use your smartphone or it does not work for whatever reason, you can download the content using your Mac/PC browser.

To do this, you can;

  • Set up your VPN on the computer.
  • Connect the VPN to your preferred country
  • Using your browser, then head over to Google Play Store.
  • Depending on the country of your choice, you should get a store for that country.
  • You can look for the app you want and then click ‘Install.’

The Google Play Store will sync your computer with your smartphone, and the app will start to install automatically.

The method mentioned above should work for you.

If it does not, you can remove your Google account from your phone before starting the process. This will make sure all information stored in your ‘Google Services’ account is deleted. Next, connect to

a VPN server location and re-enter your Google Play information. This should let you access the Google Play Store in any country you want.

Note: Please remember that if the app you need to download isn’t free, you probably need to have a payment method from the region/country to which you are connecting. 

Final Words | VPN reseller

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