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VPN reseller: There are hundreds of ways to get hacked. The biggest issue here is that it will rarely happen because of the hacker, but rather due to your own error. So, the only way to avoid being hacked while using public WiFi is to avoid making those mistakes. 

Three things that can share all your spicy holiday photos or work documents with the entire internet are:

  1. Using unsecured connections
  2. Not securing your device properly
  3. Making yourself a target

The solution to the first two points is straightforward. You will be hidden from the hacker if you use a premium VPN from a VPN reseller on your laptop and Android or iOS smartphone.

However, the problem becomes more serious when it comes to point 3. Especially if you are an economic migrant from the West who calls yourself an “ex-pat,” you are likely to be targeted. It would be best if you keep a low profile. 

Suspicious Shops and Suspicious Connections by VPN reseller

The old saying “prevention is better than cure” applies here. It’s far easier to avoid suspicious places in the first place than to rely on your software to protect your devices. And these can be divided into two types: places that are good targets for hackers and places that will directly hack you.

People who used to work abroad learned this, but it is now as relevant for anyone who works remotely. You could come for coffee or check your social media in a cozy place; the same rules apply every time.

For one, if you go to a place full of trendy people who talk little but chat a lot, you can bet it’s a known target for hackers. Besides, using such connections without private internet access can be a problem, especially if the venue hasn’t provided any cybersecurity instructions.

On the other hand, there are remote locations that provide free WiFi on purpose. Some public WiFi at a café, for example, may want to collect information about their customers, and if you give them this information, you will be at risk. Fortunately, if you know how to use a VPN and have one on your phone and laptop, you will stay safe from such malicious attacks

WiFi for Personal Data by VPN reseller

The fact that a public WiFi access point, whether in a café, a library, or elsewhere, isn’t directly malicious isn’t the issue. Unfortunately, these locations rarely have comprehensive cybersecurity protocols.

You might be tempted to share your name, phone number, and email address to get free coupons, but that’s not the only thing a hacker would try to get. They’ll get all of that if they get in, plus your IP address and credit card information.

They are only a CVC number away from stealing your identity and do whatever they want using your credit at that point.

No Security on the WiFi | VPN reseller

The lack of a password or encryption on public WiFi isn’t a dead giveaway that it’s after your personal information. However, these types of connections are easily imitated by skilled hackers.

In this case, especially if you have unlimited data and a mobile VPN, you may be better off creating your own WiFi rather than using public WiFi, even if your mobile internet speed is not as fast.

3rd Party WiFi | VPN reseller

Finally, the fact that a corporation is providing free WiFi at your local café and wants your personal information is nothing new. Every major corporation now desires that sweet personal information for targeted advertising.

This is not as unsafe as the other points from the cybersecurity standpoint. However, it is inconvenient, and you must know that this information will be used to bother you in the future.

How to Stay Safe on Public WiFi with the help of VPN reseller?

Using an encrypted tunnel to hide all your internet traffic and online activities from prying eyes is important. Also, you need software that will automatically connect through such a tunnel.

If you are sure that the WiFi you are connecting to isn’t directly malicious, all you need is a VPN. And depending on where you are, you should double-check the VPN servers you are connecting to and the number of servers available.

This way, not only will your VPN connection be secure, but you will also be able to bypass any geo-restrictions imposed in the country.

How to Use VPN on a Public WiFi by VPN reseller?

Ideally, you should have a VPN app that works on both your laptop and smartphone. This way, you can continuously use the virtual private network without having to check every time you connect to public WiFi.

Also, having the app eliminates the need to check servers and connection quality.

Otherwise, you’ll have to use your operating system’s VPN app to connect, and Windows System does not offer any built-in indicators that you’re connecting to a bad server or a weak connection. However, Mac does offer that, so if you get such a notification on your Mac, try to avoid that Wifi at any cost.  

Real World Savvy | VPN reseller

Half of the work in cybersecurity is to avoid becoming a target when using public WiFi. It means remaining as invisible as possible, both digitally and physically.

Don’t look rich or influential. Also, avoid casually mentioning your personal information or discussing it with the people you are sitting with. Even small amounts of personal information can be overheard by hackers and used to launch attacks on your devices.

No Business Calls | VPN reseller

Avoid taking business calls in public places. When it comes to MITM attacks, the hacker is usually nearby and may even be drinking coffee next to you.

Besides, during business calls, we usually share passwords and sensitive information without even realizing it. This can be a problem that affects not only you but also your employer or client.

Final Words

Buying a premium VPN from an authorized VPN reseller like Nurture IT can protect your devices from getting hacked when using public WiFi, not to mention all the other benefits of using a good VPN.

And, once you’re safe, you’ll be able to work from anywhere and anytime.