In today’s fast-paced business environment, maintaining a robust and efficient IT infrastructure is crucial for the success of any organization. One effective way to ensure your IT systems are always up and running is by opting for an Annual Maintenance Contract.


At Nurture IT, we understand the challenges faced by startups when it comes to managing their IT infrastructure. As you kick off your business, hiring a full-time IT person may not be feasible due to resource constraints. That’s why we have designed our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) packages to provide you with the support of an experienced engineer whenever you need it, without the need for a full-time commitment.

Our AMC support is aimed at ensuring the smooth functioning of your IT infrastructure. From troubleshooting and system updates to software maintenance and hardware repairs, our dedicated professionals are here to provide comprehensive assistance. With our AMC contracts, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a skilled IT expert is just a phone call away, ready to address any issues and keep your systems running seamlessly.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, our flexible AMC contracts can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. We understand that every organization has unique IT needs, and we are committed to providing personalized solutions that ensure your IT infrastructure remains efficient and reliable. With Nurture IT’s AMC support, you can focus on your core business activities while we take care of your IT maintenance and support needs.

How does it Work ?

At Nurture IT, we have implemented a streamlined process to ensure efficient handling of your AMC tickets and provide the fastest turnaround time (TAT). Here’s a breakdown of how our AMC support system works:

  • Step 1 – Raising a ticket: To raise a ticket, simply send an email to [email protected]. Our dedicated CRM system captures all the necessary details to initiate the support process.
  • Step 2 – Ticket assignment : Once a ticket is raised, it is automatically assigned to the engineer who is specifically mapped to your account. This ensures that the engineer has familiarity with your IT infrastructure and can provide effective assistance.
  • Step 3 – Engineer response : Our engineer responds to the ticket within 24 hours and begins working on the resolution. They leverage their expertise and experience to diagnose and address the issue promptly.
  • Step 4 – Backup support : In case the assigned engineer is preoccupied or unavailable, the ticket is seamlessly reassigned to another qualified engineer with the required skill set. This ensures that your ticket receives attention without any delays.
  • Step 5 – Ticket closure and updates: Once the engineer resolves the issue, they update the status and details of the resolution in our CRM system. You, as the customer, receive a notification about the closure of the ticket, providing transparency and keeping you informed.

Additionally, we have a rigorous daily review process for all pending calls. This ensures that any calls requiring further action, such as spare parts or specialized resources, are proactively addressed. We strive to ensure that no call “goes with the wind” and that every ticket is diligently attended to until complete resolution.

Furthermore, we provide a monthly report that highlights the calls attended and their respective turnaround times (TAT). This report offers valuable insights into the responsiveness and efficiency of our AMC support, giving you a comprehensive overview of the services rendered.

With our well-defined ticketing system and diligent follow-up, we aim to provide seamless and reliable AMC support that keeps your IT infrastructure running smoothly while maintaining transparency and accountability.

Here are the AMC packages available based on your team size and machine population:

Basic Package – 15 Calls (10 Online + 5 Onsite)

  • Suitable for small teams with up to 10 systems
  • Includes 10 online support calls per month
  • Provides remote troubleshooting and assistance
  • Ideal for tech-savvy teams who require occasional support

Our Basic AMC package is designed for teams that have a reasonable level of technical knowledge and consist of approximately 20-30 systems. With this package, you will receive a total of 15 support calls, with 10 of them being resolved remotely and 5 requiring an onsite visit from our expert engineer.

This package is ideal for teams that are comfortable with handling certain technical issues internally but still require occasional assistance for more complex problems. Our dedicated engineer will be available to provide remote troubleshooting, software updates, system optimizations, and will visit your office when necessary to address any onsite requirements. With 15 Calls AMC, you can enjoy the convenience of having an IT professional on hand without the need for a full-time commitment.

Standard Package – 25 Calls (20 Online + 5 Onsite)

  • Designed for teams with 10-30 systems
  • Includes 20 online support calls per month
  • Offers a combination of online and onsite support
  • Perfect for non-tech-savvy teams needing regular assistance

For teams that are less tech-savvy and have a similar number of systems (around 20-30), our Standard AMC package is the perfect choice. With this package, you will have access to a total of 25 support calls, of which 20 will be resolved remotely, and 5 will require an onsite visit by our skilled engineer.

This package caters to businesses that rely more on external IT expertise to handle their technical challenges. Our engineer will provide remote assistance for troubleshooting, software maintenance, and system optimizations. Additionally, they will be available for onsite visits to resolve any complex issues that cannot be resolved remotely. With the 25 Calls AMC package, you can ensure the smooth functioning of your IT infrastructure and receive timely support whenever you need it.

Advanced Package #3 – 50 Calls (40 Online + 10 Onsite)

  • Tailored for larger teams with 30-50 systems
  • Includes 40 online support calls per month
  • Provides a higher volume of online and onsite support
  • Ideal for non-tech-savvy teams requiring extensive assistance

Our Advanced AMC package is tailored for non-tech-savvy teams that have a larger number of systems, typically ranging from 30 to 50. This comprehensive package offers a total of 50 support calls, with 40 of them being resolved remotely and 5 requiring an onsite visit from our experienced engineer

This package is designed to provide extensive support for businesses that heavily depend on their IT infrastructure but lack the in-house expertise to manage it effectively. Our engineer will be available to handle remote troubleshooting, software updates, security enhancements, and will visit your premises whenever necessary to address onsite requirements. With the 50 Calls AMC package, you can rely on our expertise to keep your IT systems running smoothly and efficiently.


By choosing one of our AMC packages, you can enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated engineer without the commitment of hiring a full-time IT person. Our team of experts will be just a call away, ready to provide prompt and efficient support to keep your systems running smoothly.

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