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Average Client Ratings

We purchased the entire IT infrastructure for our new venture (Domain Registration. Email Service. 6 Laptops. Printer. Related Software) based on the team’s advice & are very satisfied with the same. We are impressed with the timely services, technical knowledge & support that team Nurture IT extends.
VIkash Suresh
Founder & Director
It was Nurture IT who jumped in with some ‘headache balm’. With them, we standardized the configurations and PCs. We set up a new PC build image for various profiles of Bsharp Sales Enablers. Streamlined inventories. Shored up some of the older PCs with SSDs and extended their lives. We depended on them for the logistics and remote service requests.
I believe that this will help us to better handle the post-COVID world: Complexity due to people in remote towns, and scale due to pent-up customer demand.
Gopal Swaminathan
Co-Founder & CEO
We needed an IT partner, who will be an extended arm for procuring & managing IT assets on behalf of
GoodWorker and I’m glad we found that good partnership with Nurture IT. A year into this engagement they are an integral part of GoodWorker.
Sandeepa Samuel
HR Leader & Advisor
Its been 5+ years now and the consistent service and good relations hold us from looking out. We rely on team Nurture IT for most of our hardware procurement and maintenance like laptops and desktops.
Kumar Raman
I would re-enforce that our association with Deepak Srinath and Nurture IT has been extremely satisfying. We have always found them to be more as a partner (or even part of same team) than just a vendor because of the way they help us in making a right decision on our IT requirements.
Last but most important point about them is the transparency and ethical way of doing business with partners, which is extremely reassuring in today’s complex business.
Amit Sharma
You guys have done a great job of understanding the context and constraints of working with a high-efficiency non-profit like us.
And as we look to scale our programs beyond the 5000+ government schools that we currently are at, we are counting on close support and collaboration from you.
Let’s work together to make our government schools better!
Rajeev Annaluru
The standout quality of Nurture IT team was the quick turnaround time and custom solutions fitting specific requirements. The team’s exemplary work and commitment to excellence have significantly improved our IT infrastructure. I must commend Nachi for his outstanding support – his expertise and dedication have been invaluable. We are grateful for the seamless collaboration and look forward to continued success with Nurture IT.
Nishath Annaluru
Client Relationship Manager
Nurture IT is a great team to work with and very prompt actions on delivering the laptop across India and attending to issues!

We also now supply laptops to Enuit London office from India.
Let’s continue partnering and grow together!
Kumaresan Manickam
You’ve always been there to help whenever and wherever it was needed. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service and the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated so far.
A special note of appreciation to Ms. Pracilla Paulraj for her unflagging efforts and dedication to keeping our business relationship growing!
Ramya M
We were indeed lucky to be introduced and to get your support for our entire IT set-up! The team never failed to deliver regardless of how our requirements evolve with scale!
You are one of our best vendors when it comes to IT infrastructure /equipment /accessories. Always on time with the best quotes and timely delivery. Your continued support and help will be always appreciated.
Estelle Lichnowski
Program Manager

From startups to rapidly growing SMBs, we offer tailored IT solutions to meet your unique needs at every stage of your business journey.

For small but mighty teams of 1-10 people, Nurture IT offers specialized IT solutions to support your business from its early stages.

With Nurture IT as your trusted partner, you can focus on nurturing your business while we take care of your IT needs.

As your business grows and your team expands to 10-30 people, Nurture IT is here to provide scalable IT solutions tailored to your needs.

Our goal is to empower your rapidly growing SMB with the right technology and support, enabling you to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Nurture IT understands the evolving IT requirements of your organization and so we offer comprehensive IT solutions to support your scaling efforts, including strategic IT planning, robust infrastructure setup, data management, cybersecurity measures, and collaboration platforms.

For larger organizations with a team size ranging from 100-400 people, Nurture IT provides advanced enterprise-grade services.

Our expertise in managing the complexities of a growing business ensures that your IT infrastructure remains reliable, secure, and aligned with your goals.

Brands we Deal In

Harnessing our expertise and fostering close relationships with multiple OEMs over past 20+ years, we pride ourselves in delivering nothing short of exceptional customized solutions that finely optimize your IT infrastructure, propelling you towards unparalleled success.

At the heart of our operations lies an unwavering loyalty towards our customers, transcending any allegiance to specific brands.

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