IT services provided for 100-400 people

We provide comprehensive IT solutions to handle the complexities of a larger organization. This includes enterprise-grade hardware and software solutions, robust network architecture, secure cloud integration, advanced cybersecurity measures, IT strategy planning, and dedicated IT support to ensure the smooth operation of your business at scale, yet secure.

Laptops & Desktops

  • We are associated with all major brand – HP / Lenovo / Dell / Asus / Microsoft / Apple.
  • Our approach is to study the applications and software used, profile of users, organizational policies and roadmap and then suggest a suitable brand / category and model, always keeping budgets in consideration.
  • Unless you are a subsidiary of a large organization, or have a clear understanding of growth trajectories or have very specific applications to be run, start-ups normally embark on their IT journey with consumer / SMB laptops.


  • For ease of management, we recommend volume licensing of office suites/anti virus for mid sized & growing corporates.
  • We engage with software brands like Microsoft / Kaspersky / Seqrite etc.

MDM (Moblie Device / Data Management)

  • We offer solutions for remote management / data protection / data wipe out etc of sensitive corporate data lying on smart phones / tabs.

Servers & Storage

  • Growing team size, translates to growing data. This necessitates a central repository of data – either on premises or cloud.
  • We have options for both scenarios. On premises could reside on a server or a NAS box.
  • High availability Cloud storage options are available.


  • Linux based firewall helps moderate user internet access.
  • Can double up as a backup for user data by periodic and automated backup.
  • Can setup a VPN tunnel for remote users.

Remote/ Asset Management / Ticketing Solutions

  • As organizations grow & are in multiple locations, the need for the remote management solutions is prominent.
  • Solar winds, can help system administrator to remotely resolve software issues, automatically update software patches and upgrades, have a check on software and hardware inventory (ensuring licensing and asset tracking compliance).


  • We offer IPBX solutions from Panasonic, Grand stream and Alcatel.
  • Since we have the hardware & voice connectivity (from Tata), we can undertake and manage end to end project execution with post sales support.
  • We offer corporate leased line solutions from Tata and Vodafone, with SLAs and uptime of 99.5%


  • We offer software and hardware security solutions from Cisco / Checkpoint / Fortinet etc.

Access Control & Surveillance

  • We offer multi point access control.
  • We also offer user defined access to sensitive areas like server room / board room etc.
  • IP Surveillance from brands like Hikvision / Honeywell etc.
  • Integration of surveillance with access control, to ensure incident based reporting and red flagging.

Board Room Solutions

  • We offer end to end conceiving, implementation and support on board room solutions.
  • Multiple options of hardware and software video conferencing solutions are available.
  • Variety of Projectors and brands are available based on room size, audience size etc.

Network Connectivity

  • Associated with mid range to high-end brands like Netgear / Aruba / Cisco.
  • Scientific approach to design with consideration of current team size (with active devices).
  • Most important is we factor road map for team size & additional number of devices, business vertical and hence study of data traffic, before suggesting a suitable brand & model.

IT Asset Management

  • Streamline asset tracking: Asset Tilo eliminates manual Excel tracking and reduces the risk of asset loss due to accidental deletions.
  • Efficient lifecycle management: Simplify the management of assets from procurement to disposal with Asset Tilo’s centralized platform.
  • Easy record attachment: Improve documentation by attaching important files to asset records for easy access and reference.
  • Warranty tracking: Stay informed about upcoming warranty expirations and manage warranty claims effectively with Asset Tilo.
  • Subscription-based: Asset Tilo is available on a subscription basis and operates independently from our other services, ensuring dedicated focus on asset management needs.

We are committed to providing comprehensive IT solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, regardless of your company size. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we have the expertise, experience, and resources to fulfill your IT requirements. With our dedicated support and a wide range of services, once you start working with us, you can rest assured that you will never need to seek another IT vendor.

We invite you to contact us today and experience the difference of working with a trusted partner who puts your business’s success at the forefront.

In conclusion, with Nurture IT, The BUCK stops at US.

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