Mac Clipboard Management: Solutions to Simplify Your Workflow

While Mac scores on some counts over Windows, Mac clipboard management is one area where Windows has a significant edge. For those of us who frequently access the clipboard, it’s a significant part of our daily workflow. And the Win+V in Windows works like a charm.

Imagine working on a project and constantly needing to paste previous clippings or references. Without efficient Clipboard management, this can be a frustrating experience. To make things easier, we went on a quest to find solutions, and today’s Making IT Simple shares what I found and adapted to! There are numerous third-party apps out there, but I’ve narrowed it down to three top contenders, one of which is free!

1. CopyClip (Free)

  • Simple and Lightweight: CopyClip is a straightforward clipboard manager that runs discreetly from the menu bar, making it an excellent addition to your Mac Clipboard toolkit.
  • Easy Access: It stores your text clippings for easy access and pasting, simplifying Clipboard usage.
  • Clipboard History: Offers clipboard history up to 80 items, significantly enhancing Mac Clipboard functionality.
  • Privacy Control: If you use a sensitive app and prefer not to grant access to the clipboard, you can exclude that specific app from the menu, ensuring your Mac Clipboard remains secure.

2. CopyClip 2 (₹799)

  • Enhanced Features: This is an enhanced version of the original CopyClip with all the previous features and a few additional ones, offering advanced Mac Clipboard management.
  • Powerful Search: Quickly find specific clippings with powerful search functionality, making your Mac Clipboard even more efficient.
  • Pin and Edit: Ability to pin and edit clippings in your clipboard history, providing greater control over your Mac Clipboard.
  • Touch Bar Integration: Integration with the Touch Bar on newer MacBook Pro models enhances Mac Clipboard accessibility and convenience.

3. Unclutter (₹1,999)

  • Clipboard Management: Track, browse, and recall clipboard history and favorites, making it a powerful Mac Clipboard manager.
  • File Management: Store and access files without cluttering the Desktop; use it as a drop zone, enhancing overall Mac Clipboard utility.
  • Note-Taking: Write quick notes with quick search functionality, integrating note-taking with Clipboard management.
  • Flexible Layout: Draggable and resizable panels, application menu for easy access, customizing your Mac Clipboard experience.
  • User-Friendly: Various ways to open Unclutter, cloud auto-sync, launch at startup, ensuring your Mac Clipboard is always ready to use.
  • Localization: Available in multiple languages, making it a versatile Mac Clipboard tool for users worldwide.
  • User Praise: Praised by users as one of the best clipboard management tools for Mac, reflecting its effectiveness and reliability.

Benefits of Effective Mac Clipboard Management

Effective Mac Clipboard management can transform your workflow, making daily tasks more efficient and less frustrating. Here are some benefits:

  1. Improved Productivity: With tools like CopyClip and Unclutter, you can quickly access and manage your clipboard history, saving time and effort.
  2. Enhanced Security: By choosing apps that allow you to exclude sensitive applications, you ensure that your Clipboard remains secure.
  3. Greater Organization: Keeping track of your clippings and files in one place helps maintain a clean and organized workspace.
  4. Seamless Integration: Integration with features like the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro models means that Mac Clipboard management is seamlessly woven into your device’s functionality.


CopyClip is a free and basic clipboard manager perfect for those new to clipboard management. CopyClip 2 offers enhanced features like search and pin for Rs 799, making it ideal for power users. Unclutter is a more comprehensive solution priced at Rs 1,999, providing advanced Clipboard management alongside file and note management capabilities.

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