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Snapdragon X Elite: 1 Powerful Game-Changer in the PC Industry

Snapdragon X Elite: Qualcomm Snapdragon has been a key player in the smartphone market for a long time. Nearly every top-end flagship smartphone today features a Snapdragon SoC. Qualcomm has also ventured into laptop CPUs for some time, although Windows on ARM architecture hasn’t been widely popular.

Apple dominated the market with its ARM-based M series CPUs since 2020, making the Mac a frontrunner in the Windows vs. Mac competition. But that’s all about to change, and today’s Tech Update Post will tell you why.

How it started

Then, about three years ago, something huge happened—Qualcomm acquired Nuvia, an ARM-based silicon manufacturer, for a staggering $1.4 billion. Founded by Gerard Williams III, John Bruno, and Manu Gulati, Nuvia brought immense experience from Google, Apple, ARM, Broadcom, and AMD. From their immense experience, Qualcomm built something that has left the world in disbelief.

They built and launched a silicon that’s beating Apple M2 Pro chips on benchmark tests—yes, you read that correctly. It’s called Snapdragon X Elite.

A New Era for Windows PCs

There’s something big coming up in 2024 for the Windows platform. The upcoming Microsoft Copilot+ PCs are all designed for this ARM-based chip. Rumors suggest that Microsoft is designing Windows 12 especially with ARM architecture in mind. Adobe and DaVinci have already started optimizing their creative suites for Windows on ARM chips. This groundbreaking news means we can anticipate Windows PCs offering exceptional performance matched with battery life that rivals Macs.

Highlights of Snapdragon X Elite

Here are some important highlights of this new ARM-based chip:

1. System-on-Chip (SoC) Design:

Similar to the Apple M series, the Snapdragon X Elite functions as a System-on-Chip (SoC), encompassing the CPU, RAM, USB ports, power management, and more, all integrated with the chip.

2. Demonstration Laptops:

During the summit, Qualcomm showcased several laptops designed with the Snapdragon X Elite. Although journalists couldn’t touch the devices, Qualcomm employees initiated tests on request and there were 2 configuration on Display.

3. High-Performance Cores:

Operating on a 4nm scale, the Snapdragon X Elite houses 12 high-performance cores capable of reaching speeds up to 4.3 GHz, without any efficiency cores.

4. Advanced Memory Architecture:

The X Elite boasts support for LPDDR5x, an advanced CPU memory architecture that delivers an impressive memory bandwidth of up to 136GB/s. In comparison, the DDR5 memory in the latest Windows laptops offers only up to 64GB/s of bandwidth.

5. Adreno GPU:

The X Elite includes the Adreno GPU found in almost every flagship gaming phone on the market. It supports up to 4K 120Hz display and three UHD or two 5K external displays.

6. Hexagon NPU:

Just like Apple’s Neural Engine, the X Elite features an embedded AI engine known as the Hexagon NPU (Neural Processing Unit), designed to assist with tasks involving machine learning and generative AI applications.

7. Power Efficiency:

The Snapdragon X Elite claims nearly a twofold performance advantage over leading Intel and AMD processors, achieving this while consuming just one-third of the power.

8. Unbelievable Benchmark Scores:

The Snapdragon X Elite outperforms all Intel, AMD, and Apple CPUs in both single-core and multi-core performance, falling short only to the M2 Pro. Interestingly, the 23W version of this CPU is outpaced solely by the M2. However, the 80W version surpasses even the M2 Pro.


The Snapdragon X Elite is truly groundbreaking! With the introduction of Microsoft Copilot+ PCs designed around this ARM-based chip, and Windows 12 expected to optimize for ARM architecture, the PC industry is on the cusp of a revolution. The exceptional performance, advanced AI capabilities, and impressive power efficiency of the Snapdragon X Elite signal a new era where Windows PCs can rival and even surpass the benchmarks set by Apple’s M series.

Stay tuned as we witness the transformative impact of Windows on ARM in the coming months, and don’t miss out on the chance to experience the future of computing with the upcoming Microsoft Copilot+ PCs.

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