Internet Leased Line Service Provider in Bangalore

Boost your business operational efficiency and effectiveness with the top internet leased line service providers in Bangalore, Nurture IT. We provide fast and uninterrupted business internet connections across industrial belts to run critical applications. 

What makes Nurture IT one of the Best Internet Leased Line Service Providers in Bangalore?

We aim to meet, exceed, and satisfy clients by providing high-speed internet for seamless business processes and applications. Nurture IT offers a complete high-quality internet connection by integrating practical and cost-effective technologies, including:

  • Dedicated Internet Connections
  • Equal upload and download speeds
  • Robust SLAs to cover availability, speed, packet loss, and jitter
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Robust Governance and Compliance with critical regulations
  • Fully managed internet leased lines with 24×7 and 365 days support
  • Installation, provisioning, and consulting with end-to-end services

What is an Internet Leased Line (ILL)?

An internet leased line connection is a high-performance permanent route from your business premises to the internet network. It is a dedicated, private line that only carries communications from your company, such as voice, data, and internet traffic, so bandwidth is provisioned on a symmetric 1:1 contention ratio.

When a leased line is combined with a guaranteed level of service, it makes a reliable solution for businesses looking for a solid infrastructure while maintaining service quality. This is where the internet leased line service providers in Bangalore can help you grow successfully.

At Nurture IT, high-speed connections of more than 10 Gigs are available. Broadband connectivity is asymmetric, and it can only support non-critical business applications. Whereas Internet Leased Lines are the most reliable, symmetric, and dedicated connections for running critical business applications.

Why Should I Use an Internet Leased Line service provider for My Business?

A fast, dependable, and stable internet connection is very important for any business. Many applications and processes rely on connectivity, including email, e-commerce, FTPs, VPNs for remote and mobile workers, long-distance conference calling, media streaming, web browsing, and others.

Nurture IT, one of the top internet leased line service providers in Bangalore, ensures that your company has a hassle-free connection to meet its daily requirements.

Key Benefits of Internet Leased Line Connection

An Internet Leased Line service is the most secure because you will be using the network exclusively, and the security protocols and applications are easy to install. Also, you give access to those you feel are necessary and pay for bandwidth sufficient for your business.

These are some of the following benefits you enjoy of having Internet Leased Lines (ILL):

  • Security and Reliability
  • Best suited to utilize web-scale computing potential
  • Easy for customers to measure their bandwidth requirements
  • 24×7 Internet availability
  • Superfast and Secure transmission of data, voice, and video
  • Best suited for your critical ERP applications, mail servers, and website

FAQs about Internet Leased Lines

What are the advantages of an Internet Leased Line?

There are multiple benefits of using dedicated Internet Leased Lines. The main benefits are: secure high-speed symmetric upload/download bandwidth, dedicated connectivity with static IP, low latency, high security, committed SLAs, and round-the-clock monitoring.  

What does Internet Leased Line mean? 

An Internet leased line is a symmetrical communication channel that allows two or more sites to connect easily.

How fast can I transfer files when I have a 1:1 Internet Leased Line of 10 MBPS?

For example, your speed is 10Mbps:  A 1:1 ILL will give you the full speed minus some overhead loss, probably around 90% of the speed. So, 9Mbps or 9/8MBPs = 1.1 MBPS speed.

What differentiates Internet Leased Line from other internet connections?

From point A to point B, a leased line will be delivered via fiber-optic/wireless last mile media, typically from the head office to its branch office. It could carry: data, voice, and video to the Internet exchange (PoP- Point of Presence) 

Do small businesses, educational institutes benefit from using internet leased lines connection?  

A Leased Line is dedicated to an entire bandwidth with a 1:1 contention ratio to a particular entity. Businesses looking for high-speed internet service connections often opt for leased lines to carry out various internet-related business activities like normal browsing, video conferencing, sending emails, keeping cloud backups, making VOIP calls, transfer of large files of data, RDP, etc. A leased line connection will benefit the company in terms of security, consistency, reliability, scalability and is also cost-effective.

What is the difference between Broadband and Internet Leased Lines?

Broadband is a high-speed internet data transmission service with large bandwidth. The bandwidth in a broadband connection is divided. In contrast, a leased line is a private communication line between two or more nodes. In terms of speed, symmetry, SLA (Service Level Agreement), contention, latency, reliability, and scalability, leased lines are better than broadband.

What are the prices and plans offered by the top internet leased line service providers in Bangalore?

At Nurture IT, our plan starts from 4Mbps and up to multiple STM’s internet bandwidths at affordable prices. For inquiries, you can Contact Us.