5 Things You Didn’t Know Spotlight Could Do

Spotlight, the versatile search feature on Mac, is known for its ability to quickly find files, applications, and information on your computer. However, there’s much more to Spotlight than meets the eye. In this blog post, we will dive into five lesser-known capabilities of Spotlight that can revolutionize your Mac experience.


From performing calculations and currency conversions to extensive document search and even flight information, discover how Spotlight can simplify your daily tasks and make you more productive than ever before.

How to use Spotlight

Harnessing the power of Spotlight is simple. You can access it by either pressing ‘Cmd+Space’ on your keyboard or clicking on the search icon located in the top-right corner of the menu bar. Once Spotlight is open, begin typing your search query, whether it’s a calculation, currency conversion, unit conversion, or even flight information. Spotlight will display the results in real-time, providing you with the information you need at your fingertips.

1. Calculation

Did you know that Spotlight can function as a built-in calculator, eliminating the need for a separate app? With Spotlight, you can perform calculations on the fly. Simply type in the desired numbers, and Spotlight will display the results in real-time as you type. Say goodbye to the Calculator app and let Spotlight handle your mathematical needs effortlessly.

2. Currency Conversion

Spotlight can also serve as a handy currency converter, allowing you to convert foreign currency amounts to INR instantly. Whether you need to convert a specific amount or perform reverse currency conversion, Spotlight has you covered. Simply type in the amount or currency code, and Spotlight will display the converted value, eliminating the need for additional online searches or dedicated currency conversion apps.

3. Unit Conversion

In addition to calculations and currency conversion, Spotlight excels at unit conversions. Whether you’re dealing with length measurements or temperature scales, Spotlight can swiftly convert various units. Type in the values you want to convert, and let Spotlight provide you with the accurate and instant results you need.

4. Extensive Document Search

One of the most remarkable features of Spotlight is its ability to conduct extensive searches within documents. By simply typing in a specific word or phrase, Spotlight will instantly display relevant documents, including Word, Excel, and PDF files, that contain the searched term. This functionality is especially useful when searching for specific information within invoices or other important documents, saving you valuable time and effort.

5. Flight Information at Your Fingertips

Planning a trip or awaiting a loved one’s arrival? Spotlight can provide you with up-to-date flight information effortlessly. By typing in the flight number, Spotlight will promptly present you with essential details, such as arrival and departure times, as well as real-time information on flight status. Stay informed and organized without having to visit multiple websites or use dedicated flight-tracking applications.


Spotlight on Mac is much more than just a search tool. Its hidden powers, such as performing calculations, currency conversions, unit conversions, extensive document searches, and flight information retrieval, make it a valuable companion for productivity and efficiency. By leveraging these lesser-known capabilities, you can streamline your daily tasks, reduce reliance on external apps and searches, and unlock the true potential of Spotlight. So, go ahead and explore the hidden gems of Spotlight that can enhance your Mac experience like never before.

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